Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Myles of Books Part the First

It is said everyone has a book in them, and that it should probably stay there. Well, no such luck. Below is part one of a book I have been working on. No promises, but I am hoping the blog helps me keep it moving forward. I will be posting new entries once a week. Happy reading. Comments welcome.

For many people, owning a shop of interesting used books would be the joy of a lifetime. For Topher Myles, that unblemished joy lasted exactly from 10 a.m. 'til 10:20 a.m. the day he opened.

The collapse of his initial enthusiasm occurred while he was shelving the last of the books in the necessary but not favored psychology section. He caught sight of his first visitor coming through the door. A short older woman, purposeful, with a rather sizable purse and firm set to her face seemed to be giving the place a thorough going over. Topher put down the books and turned to greet her. The look she gave him made him think getting too close would not be advised.

"Um, good morning ma’am. If I can help you with anything, please let me know." Topher smiled weakly. The woman nodded slightly, then began looking over the shop.

Not looking exactly, but peering. Investigating. As Topher watched now and again over his shoulder, she went over each section, pulling a book out here or there, then putting it back. She tested the chairs, tipping one sideways to examine it then setting it down. of particular interest was the curtained doorway to the back and the various books, pens, papers and computer spread over the main desk.

Seemingly satisfied, she reached deep into her bag and pulled out a notepad and pencil. She scribbled a few furious notes, then dropped both back inside. She raised her head to Topher.

Topher took one step toward her. She took three quicker steps towards him.

"You are selling used books yes?" she asked, somehow looking down at him though she was a head shorter.

"Yes ma'am. Most subjects." he said.

She looked him over. "You do have dictionaries?"

"Yes ma'am, for several languages." Topher raised his arm to point to the reference section.

"Then I suggest you find one for English, review your window, and do a bit of correcting." The woman turned, stabbing a finger at the window, and left as fast as she entered.

Topher went to the window, which was just finished yesterday by a local carpenter and sign painter suggested by his good friend and colleague Arthur Bailey, of Bailey's Rare Books and Manuscripts. The carpenter, Tom Noels, had finished the bookshelves last week and done excellent work. Topher had paid him, but he had disappeared for most of the week leaving the windows untouched 'til yesterday. Topher looked at the reverse lettering, then went outside for a better view. After a moment he saw it, in large, white, somewhat antiquated lettering:

Myles of Boosk Booskhop
Used and Rare Book Bought and Sold

His shoulders dropped. Maybe he could get Tom back before the weekend.

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I'm liking it so far!

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