Thursday, October 16, 2008

Following Folly

Many blogs are started only to immediately crumble; some stay a while, then fade away. But others take their place. Bookman's Folly will be my blog and the blog of my bookshop til further notice, or we fade away. But until then, we've got a bit of a plan.

I figure a schedule is a bit better than waiting for a muse, so here's what we're gonna try:

Tuesdays we'll have what I'll call Insider Bookery - items of interest to those who engage with used and rare tomes with some fervor, either selling or collecting.

Wednesdays we'll talk about some New Bookery - new books, new bookshops, new publishers, new something related to books.

Thursdays will be Online Bookery - I'll recommend some bookish website that strikes my fancy but that also has some utility. And some survivability, so the link won't be dead in a month.

Fridays will be Historical Bookery - a reach back in the past to some person, book, thing, or event of bibliophilic or biblioclastic interest.

Saturdays - If I blog on Saturdays, well, it won't be pretty, so usually no blogs on Saturday. Maybe Sundays. But not Saturdays. And Mondays are right out.



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