Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Still Printed, Yeah? The Literary Stamp Blog

Most book collectors have "collected" other things. Now, these may or may not have been serious hobbies, or large collections, or even pursued for very long at all. A common collection other than comic book that book collectors seem to have a past with is stamps. I used to collect them, and even now toy with buying all the new issues of British stamps.

And now someone has gone and combined both stamps and books into a basic but lovely online display.

Thanks to J. Godsey over at Literary Stamps is a great site to view a good number of the many stamps with books, in one way or another, as their theme.

Now, a bunch of pictures of stamps would be fine, but Godsey has indexed them well, and provided links to each author or theme. You can see all the stamps with libraries as a theme, or Will Rogers. Bram Stoker is there, as well as George MacDonald Fraser (if you don't know who he is, welcome to his wikipedia entry). It is truly a useful reference, and a roadmap if one wants to start collecting in that topical area.

I was also very impressed at how sharp her images are, and their variety. Stamps from numerous countries are presented, and from a whole range of dates. Colors are sharp, and the increased size of the stamps makes them all the more attractive. It makes me wish they were posters.

Go give Godsey's work a look. You may waste a bit of time, but it will be a better waste of time than a lot of other alternatives. And if you have a cool literary stamp, send it to her. If she doesn't already have it, I bet she'll do a bang-up job showing it to the world.

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Blogger jgodsey said...


if you really want posters, i can put them on something at only recent USPS issues are covered by US copyright.

3:41 PM  
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